Welcome your guests like a hospitality hero

About iiGuest

iiGuest is a web based, mobile phone focused service providing realtime information and inspiration to visitors and guests.

Sharply concentrated on a couple of days either side of arrival, iiGuest delivers a premium experience. It is free for guests and exceptional value for accommodation providers.

Directions, arrival information, local weather and emergency numbers. Lots of great things to see and do - PLUS EXCLUSIVE LOCAL OFFERS!

For Guests

A great way to start your stay. Receive up to date directions and arrival information for your accommodation as well as inspirational local information and special offers from nearby attractions and businesses – all in one place!


All the information you need for arrival

Inspiration and ideas to help make the most of your visit

Exclusive local offers and deals to save you money


For Accommodations

Stand out from the crowd by giving your guests professionally presented information - then delight them with inspiration ideas and fantastic exclusive local deals.


Over-branded, show that you really care

Create super positive first impression

Separate your service from your selling

Set and forget

Gain a competitive advantage

For Attractions

iiGuest offers the most effective way to communicate with visitors in the days prior to their trip, on their arrival and whilst staying locally. Oppportunity!


Fantastically Focused

Communicate with to visitors whilst they are on their way and starting their stay

Visitors are in the zone and want to hear from you